Club Questions…

Okay, poll time.

How many of you are done reading the book and how many of you are still working on it? Please please please comment below because we have some exciting stuff coming up that I don’t want to post until at least MOST of us are done reading the book: I don’t want to spoil it for anyone!

So please let me know how you’re doing and in the meantime I’m sitting here pondering over the book choices for August. I realize this is when lots of schools begin (mine included, note to self: register for classes), but it’s only one book a month, plus it’s fun, plus YOU NEED A BREAK FROM ALL THAT STUDYING… right?

Also, a question. It gets expensive buying books and if your library is a sad little one like mine, their collection of YA is sorely missing which means you have to actually BUY these books if you want to read them. (Or you could borrow them from friends, but my nearbyest friend reads Gossip Girl. Sad little thing.) So question: would you like me to begin including some new release PAPERBACKS in the book club choices? They wouldn’t be new books because most of them would have already been out in hardcover, but it would certainly be cheaper.

Eagerly awaiting your answers.


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